Vision for the 21st Century

Towards a Visible Human National Educational Collaboratory


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Table of Contents

Vision for the 21st Century

Changing faces of Nursing

Development Focus: Visible Human Project (courtesy Don Jenkins, NLM)

Visible Human Female

Primary Image Data

The University of Michigan Visible Human Project

Hand Labeling Of Male Head

UMlS Knowlege Source

UMLS Semantic Network

Image Data Types

Growth And Form

Temporal and Spatial Hierachies

The Problem of Missing Data

State of the Art

The Visible Embryo

Vh Male

Knowlege Engine Navigation

Navigation Knowlege Engineering

GSS Navigation Stratigies

Advannced Distance Learning

Fast Facts

Learning Technology Trends

Why Canít You Get the Education or Training You Want ? (asked of adults interested in getting more)

The Need: Enhance Proficiency, Reduce Medical Error

Errors in Medicine

The Vitual Surgical Atlas

Virtual surgical Simulation

Technology and Content

Itís the Software Stupid

Avoiding a Digital Babel?

Creating a New Learning Architecture

Internet Connections


Vh Infrasructure

Modeling and Simulation


Interface Points

So Where are We?

Current I-2

Current I-2 Visualization


Prototype Collaboration

NGI/I2 Collaboratory

UMVH Web Site

Org Chart

Author: Brian Athey


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