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Current Projects

Current projects at the University of Michigan Visible Human Project (UMVHP) focus on development of Internet-delivered visualization tools and navigation technologies that enhance anatomy education and research. The tools include; development of organ models, labeling of structures, 3D volume rendering, and courseware. These resources are used and evaluated at the University of Michigan Medical and Nursing Schools.

Future Projects

The UMVHP is now extending this work by creating interactive online course modules for Pre-Professional, and Allied Health education. Working with students and staff from Ferris State University, Grand Rapids (Kendall College of Art and Design), and the University of South Florida, the team, under the leadership of Don Hilbelink, Ph.D., plans to complete the first module (the female reproductive system) by summer 2003. In doing this the UMVHP seeks to extend its work to a much larger audience while helping to further digital healthcare education.

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