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Visible Human Web Sites:
National Library of Medicine Visible Human Project
The sponsor of the Visible Human Project
NPAC/OLDA Visible Human Viewer:
This Java applet allows you to select and view images of 2-dimensional slices of a human body
University of Colorado Health Sciences Center for Human Simulation
A collaborative center to promote the application of Visible Human and other anatomical data.
Stanford Visible Human Project
Teaching Human Anatomy and Surgery using the  Next Generation Internet
Visible Human Voxel-Man- University of Hamburg
Interactive 3D anatomy atlases
Visible Human Dataset-Milano Mirror Site®
The Visible Human Italian Mirror Site
Visible Human South American Mirror Site
Visible Human Slice and Suface Viewer-École Polytechnique Fédérale De Lausanne
The Visible Human Slice and Surface Server enables you to extract slices and surfaces from the Visible Human Male and other 3D medical datasets

Visible Human Sections- University of Mainz
Transverse slices of the Visible Human Male and Female, some with labels
A Guided Tour of The Visible Human Project
Cross-sectional Anatomy, Planes of Section with animations, and Interactive Annotations
The Digital Anatomy Lab: Queensland University of Technology
2D Slices, 3D models, and animations of The Visible Human
UK Visible Human Mirror Site: University of Glasgow
Links to Visible Human Resources
Digital Human New
An Open Source Community for Biological Simulations
NGI-Internet2 Web Sites:
The Official Internet2 Project Web Site
The creation of tomorrow's Internet
Merit's I2 Web Page
The Michigan GigaPoP
Next Generation Internet Initiative
Federal research program developing advanced networking technologies
University of Michigan I2 Web Page
University of Michigan's involvement in the Internet2 initiative
Web 100
Software and tools for high bandwidth data rates 100 Mbps or more

Other Web Sites:

National Library of Medicine
The world's largest medical library

Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center
High performance computing

University of Michigan Anatomy
Division of Anatomical Sciences Office of Medical Education

SIAM Journals Online New
The acclerated electronic journals of the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics
Virtual Collaborative Clinic
Collaboration for CyberMedicine

Center for Biologic Nanotechnology
University of Michigan Collaboration for Nanotechnology

University of Michigan Center for Parallel Computing
High-performance computing testbeds
The Multi-dimensional Human Embryo
Image reference of the Human Embryo
National Partnership for Advanced Computational
Infrastructure (NPACI)

National computational infrastructure: the Grid   The Visible Human Project at
Source for online learning
Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching
The UM President's Information Revolution Commission Report
University of Michigan Cell and Developmental Biology
The Collaboratory for Advanced Research and Academic Technologies (CARAT)
Collaboration for research and education using advanced computing
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