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Current Projects:
Next Generation Internet to Serve Visible Human Datasets

Current projects at the University of Michigan Visible Human Project are focused on the development of Internet-enabled visualization tools and navigation technologies that enhance anatomy education and research. This includes development of anatomical models, labeling and courseware. All these resources are being actively used and evaluated in testbeds at the University of Michigan Medical and Nursing Schools.

Software Development:
 UM Volume Browser
 PSC Volume Browser 
 Event Recorder

Holographic Animations

Projects in Development:

Pre-professional and Allied Health Learning Platform
The digital transformation of healthcare education

Collaborative Internet 2 based Health Sciences Training

Advanced internet delivery of interactive medical visualizations

Virtual Reality and Surgical Simulation

Enabling the creation of a flight simulator equivalent for healthcare education and training

Digital Human
Evolving the international digital human testbed for biomedical research and education

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