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Visible Human Browsers

Visible Human Browser-Female Dataset: Orthogonal Views, including Color, CT, and MRI data. Requires the latest JAVA Plug-in. (Mac Version See Below.) 


Mac OS X Version Click Here


Visible Human Regional Browsers-Female Dataset: Separate Browsers for each Region of the Body: Head, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis


Pelvis Section Browser


Head Section Browser

Early efforts to integrate the Visible Human dataset into the UM teaching environment produced these Java based browsers. The browsers display three orthogonal views from the female dataset: transverse (the original data), coronal and sagittal. Select the plane of interest by using the colored bars or fine-tune buttons. Each view is downloadable as a high or low resolution image. Based on the NPAC Visible Human Viewer

Browsers In Development

Edgewarp Browser HTML
      UM iVoxel Browser           PSC Volume Browser

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National Library of Medicine: Anatline  
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