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Java browser
•Visible Human Java
Browser Demo

Volume Browser
PSC Volume Browser
Real Player Version

-Windows Media Version
Edgewarp 3D Demo
•Coronal Thorax in Edgewarp 3.2MB
-Real Player Version -Windows Media Version

•Edgewarp flythrough of the Ureter

•Coronal Flythrough of the Pelvis 4.4MB-Anterior to Posterior view of the Female Pelvis, with labels
Real Player Version Windows Media Version
•Sagittal Flythrough of the Pelvis 5.8MB •Transverse Flythrough of the Pelvis 6.9MB

•UMVHP Overview An Animated Introduction of The University of Michigan Visible Human Project (8.3MB)

Visible Human Male

•Arbitrary Clip Plane 10.6 MB Arbitrary clip plane though the visible human male dataset. (est. download time:100min@28.8- 7min@T1)
•Modifying Texture 7.7 MB Modification of texture lookup tables (color and opacity) to show internal and anatomical structure. (78min@28.8- 5.5min@T1)
•Modifying Texture 2 4.6 MB Continuation of above. (46min@28.8- 3min@T1)

The above movies where made by Alex Ade on an SGI Onyx 2 with proprietary sofware

Movie Clips from the Quarterly Meetings
Carl Berger-UIT
Deb Walker-Nursing
Scott Hollister-Modeling
Tom Gest-Anatomy
Tom Hacker- High Performance Computing
Art Wetzel- PSC Sub-Contract
Terry Weymouth-Website
Stanford Video Conference-Parvati Dev, Brian Athey


Gerry Higgins-Medical Simulation
Henry Kelly-Digital Human, Federation of American Scientists
Don Jenkins-Visible Human, National Library of Medicine
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