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Y1 Q1 Quarterly Report: PDF File (1.4 MB) 4/8/00
1st Year Meeting Muriel Ross, Carl Berger, Don Jenkins, Brian Athey,Victor Wong; (front) Stu Pomerantz, Art Wetzel
Y1 Q2 Quarterly Report: (HTML 16.8MB) 6/25/0
Y1 Q3 Quarterly Report: (MS Word 4.3MB) 10/9/00 PDF
Y1 Q4 Quarterly Report: (MS Word 1.5MB) 12/00 PDF
Y2 Q1 Quarterly Report: (MS Word 350KB) 4/01 PDF
Y2 Q2 Quarterly Report: (MS Word 488KB) 6/01 PDF
Y2 Q3 Quarterly Report: (MS Word 388KB) 10/01 PDF
Y2 Q4 Quarterly Report: (MS Word 588KB) 12/01 PDF
Y3 Q1 Quarterly Report:(MS Word 1.2MB) 4/02 PDF
Y3 Q2 Quarterly Report:(MS Word 1.9MB) 6/02 PDF
Y3 Q3 Quarterly Report:(MS Word 2.1MB) 10/02 PDF

Vision for the 21st Century: Towards a Visible Human National Educational Collaboratory by Brian Athey (Power Point HTML 2.7MB) 4/12/00
Year 1 Overview: by Brian Athey (Power Point 1.3MB) 12/00
Michigan Center for Biological Information by Brian Athey (PDF 2.5MB) 7/27/01
UM NGI VHP Report by Ade, Bookstein, Athey
PSC NGI VH Report by Art Wetzel (Power Point 532KB) 6/3/00
PSC Y2Q2 Report (HTML) 7/01
Anatomy Group Q2 Report by Tom Gest (Power Point 160KB) 6/3/00
VH Navigator Screen Shots by Alex Ade JPEG1 JPEG2
Nursing_NGI Q2 Report by Deb Walker (Power Point 300KB)


Visible Human Networking Presentation by Tom Hacker (Power Point 228KB) 6/3/00
Optimizing Database Efficiency: by Walter Meixner (Power Point 2.2MB) 12/00
Website, Database, Navigation: by Terry Weymouth (Power Point 88KB) 12/00
Project What Next? by Carl Berger (MS Word 36KB) 6/3/00
UIT Q2 Report by Carl Berger (Power Point 120KB) 6/3/00
UIT Year 1 Report: by Carl Berger (Power Point 2.3MB) 12/00
UIT Report from Visible Human Conference 2002

Visible Human Browsers: Formative Evaluation Based on Student Feedback (Word Doc 312 KB)
Neil Skov, Wen-Yu (Silvia) Lee, Deborah S. Walker, and Carl Berger

Y2Q1 Knowledge Engineering: by Fred Bookstein (MS Word 36KB) 3/01
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