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Edgewarp 3D is a sophisticated workstation package for manipulation of 2D and 3D biomedical images and related data structures by a combination of landmark location, thin-plate spline, and image unwarping and averaging. Edgewarp3D is available from the pub/edgewarp directory on the FTP server at, (for SGI and Linux systems only). Edgewarp was designed and coded by Bill Green with support from NIH grants GM-37251 and DA-09009 to Fred Bookstein. It is built of C and C++ code and makes extensive use of SGI's OpenGL graphics interface. Communication with the user is by textual and graphical interfaces managed using TCL/TK, a general purpose scripting language.

The current version of Edgewarp, release 3.2.7, continues to feature the fast and flexible system for interaction with arbitrary sectioning planes that has characterized this approach since its inception. This release newly incorporates a generalized transformation grid facility and a new "filmstrip editor" for construction of animated sequences of orthogonal trihedral sections (moving and tumbling triples of coordinate planes) with superimposed 3D wireframe models and labels. EW3.2.7 runs on Silicon Graphics workstations and on Linux PC's with OpenGL. It operates either in stand alone mode, processing local arrays of grayscale or RGB images, or as an intelligent client of the PSC server, which supplies voxels of Visible Human Female as needed.
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